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STRATA SERVICES, INC. is a specialist in consultation, evaluation, and remediation of leakage problems

related to lakes, reservoirs, lagoons, dams, spillways and outflow structures.

Since 1985, Strata Services has implemented their unique and innovative technologies to successfully repair

leakage on over 300 lakes and dams. In many documented cases, leakage flow rates in the range of

100 GPM to 5,000 GPM were permanently stopped.

Strata Services received the 1998 Award of Merit from the Association of State Dam Safety Officials

in recognition of their proven expertise in the remediation of lake and dam related leakage problems.

For assistance with your leakage problems, please contact:

Midwest USA

Dave Taylor

Strata Services, Inc

P.O. Box 116

Defiance, MO 63341

(314) 808-5858


Southeast USA

Josh Taylor

Strata Services, Inc

131 Airport Road

Stanley, NC 28164

(704) 842-0209